The Dancevengers (TDV) – Starting the Journey #1


TDV didn’t just magically pop up out of nowhere, and it’s not something that everyone suddenly knows about! Even the board members, wouldn’t you wonder how we formed our team – the S.H.I.E.L.D to our heroes? (Although TDV is a spin-off of The Avengers, I assure you that we’re in no way related.. Well not anymore).There’s a story I’d like to share about TDV – how it all started and the beginning of everything. I’ll separate it into a series of posts so you peeps don’t go “OMGTLDR” (Oh My God Too Long To Read). Here’s the first one:

Me, the person who built castles in the air

I’ve always wanted to give back to the community, but didn’t know how! I love dancing, and I’ve been managing my hip hop society D2MG for a few months now. What do you know, I can actually contribute a lot to the development of D2MG! But that’s under the guidance of all the other executive members, and the president approving all the final decisions. Back then, I thought that some people were just meant to for great things. 

That was how things were – until I talked to it about my other friends. I told my D2MG members about it, and they loved the idea! Especially Oscar, Nancy, Peter and last but not least – my boyfriend :).

My supporters – lovely lovely lovely people

  • Oscar: At lunch break, we decided to chill about it and I talked to him about it. He really loved the whole thing and we even got a bit ahead of ourselves – talking about how one day we’ll be big and renowned as the dancers who started the philanthropic culture in Sydney’s dance scene!
  • Nancy: This woman is awesome. She’s pretty much my mentor, and I’ve learnt so much from her. When I told her about TDV, she was the one pushing for me to actualise it and even at times when I thought the idea was bad and people weren’t going to help manage it, she said “don’t worry, we’ll make this happen with just the two of us – okay?”.
  • Peter: He’s the one who got me back to dancing, and he totally have been supporting me ever-since. He said “when we go big, we’ll be the ones who can say ‘man, I was there when everything first started!’ and you can say ‘I started this!'”.
  • As for my boyfriend.. well, yeah :). He loves and supports me with everything I do haha. He’s a great guy.

Although you might think I might’ve been the one who started the whole thing, I don’t think I should deserve the credit – I really couldn’t have done it without everyone’s encouragement and support.

So after all the pep talk I got, I finally decided – I’m gonna make this happen, whatever it takes! Even though I’ve never actually been the leader of a whole project before nor have I ever created something so big, I threw all my doubts and anxieties and took that step of faith. Then on, everything changed!

The step of faith – a very scary start


I made a Facebook event for TDV (oh, you can actually still check it out here). Everything – from content to the event image. You have NO IDEA how scared I was. As they say:

“The start is what stops most people.” – Don Shula

So yeah, I was heaps anxious and the first 30 minutes after starting it, I was totally just focusing and staring at my notifications, and constantly editing whatever information I thought was dumb or needed more detail. But much to my surprise – everyone was really excited and hyped up about it. You have NO IDEA just how happy I was! Yes, you have no idea of lots of stuff :p. Back then, The Dancevengers was just a random name I thought of to start it off, but people ended up liking it. This led to me deciding to link it to The Avengers as much as possible since it was quite the trend topic. I posted stuff like “pick your hero name!” and even the event image is a silhouette of The Avengers. The event was a chance for exposure and awareness of the project, plus part of recruiting our heroes – the dancers and the team.

Affiliation and the Board

After a day or so of the event running, I started approaching other university dance societies. The first ones we managed to gain support from were SoulXpress (SXP, University of Sydney) and Macquarie Dance Academy (MDA). Our principal was: if you want to officially affiliate for this project, have a representative from your society be part of our board teamFii (Vice President of SXP) and Emmanuel (or just Emman, President of MDA) joined us in our conquest, and they were truly passionate about the whole concept of the project and in addition, they’re great people. We have some members of D2MG who are also part of SXP and D2MG has always been tight with MDA, so it wasn’t difficult to bridge over to them. From there, Ministry of Dance Society (MODSoc, University of New South Wales) got Robin to be part of the TDV board too. He’s an amazing guy who’s always full of ideas and insights, but here’s an interesting story: D2MG and MODSoc weren’t exactly on good terms. However, the new generation of D2MG executives have managed to patch it up by leaving the past behind and starting from scratch to establish a brand new healthy relationship.. I’m very proud of my D2MG kiddos! :D.

Anyway, so for UTS Hip Hop Society (UTSHH, University of Technology Sydney). I didn’t have the connections lol. BUT, it just happened that I went over to SXP‘s weekly session one day and met a guy from UTSHH, Kai. I think after that I added him on Facebook and he eventually managed to connect us with the President and got UTSHH affiliated with himself being the representative. I swear, he’s a really funny guy!

Let’s cut the story here for today – save it for some other time haha. I kind of need to study for my upcoming exam haha!

You can contact me via e-mail at
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