Hello there! My name is Christina or people just call me Chi. I’m a student from University of New South Wales, currently in 3rd year who double majors in marketing and management. My age? I’m born of the year 1992 if that matters, so at the time I’m writing this, I’m turning 20.

Alongside studies, I also run a university hip hop society called D2MG (dance, DJ, MC, graffiti) as Marketing Director. We hold dance workshops and host social activities for university students who love hip hop. You can check us out on our Facebook group or YouTube.

Dance DJ MC Graffiti

More recently, I have also started a project with a few of my friends. I am one of the founders of The Dancevengers (TDV) and also serve as Marketing & Media Director. What we do is basically busk, dance and express for charity. We aspire to inspire people to support amazing causes through their talents. This project is my baby! I believe that everyone has an equal chance to become something great, it just takes thats step of faith. Why did my friends and I start this? We want to give back to the community in our own way, and see a change in Sydney’s dance scene towards the better good. This project involves a few other societies, such as Macquarie Dance Academy, SoulXpress (Sydney University), Ministry of Dance Society (UNSW) and UTS Hip Hop Society. Just as Mahatma Gandhi once said,

“Be the change you want to see in the world”. 

To see TDV‘s endeavours, you can find us on Facebook or Twitter.

So, enough with what I do. Now, what I like. I love dancing, singing and music. Additionally, I’ve always been intrigued by the area of marketing, media, social networking and entrepreneurship. I post my thoughts, opinions and questions about these on my Twitter. Not too long ago, I went to somewhat a conference event held by mUmbrella – mUmbrella360 – and they provided a program for students called The M Grad Project and man, did I love it! The talks and discussions were honestly epic and I was so inspired by everything – which was when I thought that I took the wrong specialisation at university, should’ve gone for media! But hey, marketing’s pretty awesome too. I was so awestruck by all the speakers’ experience, awesomeness and stories as to how they climbed to their position.

Anyway, I won an iPad 3 from the event! They were holding this small Twitter contest where people had to tweet answers to “Tells us what qualities you think the future media grad needs to make it to the top?”. Yes, I won it! An iPad 4G 32GB! I tweeted @TheMGradProject Future M Grads need an innovative mind, creativity, and passion to put ideas and imagination into reality.#TheMGradProject. The most valuable tweet of my life haha!

So it all started from mUmbrella’s event that I’ve decided to go on a path of sharing my thoughts and insights on the topics I love. Yay!

You can contact me via e-mail at rusli.christina@gmail.com


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